How Window Screens Are Repaired

How Window Screens Are Repaired

Window screens provide ventilation, allowing fresh air to flow into your home while keeping pests, debris, and bugs out.

Over time, your window screens may sustain damage from accidents or wear and tear. Window screen repair services can fix the damage quickly if it is not extensive. Here is how to repair window screen damage:  

Assess the Damage

Tears in window screen mesh are the most common form of window screen damage. Your window screen may also have loose mesh or a bent frame.

These problems not only compromise the screen’s effectiveness but also detract from the overall appearance of the window. Small tears can be fixable, but if the tears on your window screen mesh are extensive, it is best to replace the entire screen.

A bent window screen frame warps the screen, which can cause further damage. Fixing a bent window screen is a delicate job that requires professional window screen repair services. 

Hole Repair

Depending on its material, you have multiple options for repairing a small hole in your window screen. If you have a nylon or fiberglass window screen, you can patch the hole with a few drops of instant adhesive.

A screen repair patch is another option for fiberglass window screens. Cut the patch slightly bigger than the hole, press it over the hole, and then activate the adhesive on it using a heat gun or hair dryer. You can also use screen repair tape to cover up a small hole. 

You can use a patch cut from new screening material when repairing a metal screen. Cut the metal patch a few inches larger than the hole and bend the wires on the patch’s edge to form an angle.

Cover the hole with the patch and pass the wires on the edge through the screen. Bend the wires flat to hold the metal patch in place. An aluminum screen patch does the same job as a metal patch. 

Screen Replacement

Significant damage like corrosion, large holes on a screen, or a bent frame calls for a replacement. Hire a professional window repair expert if you are unsure how to do the job. When you hire a repair professional, they remove the damaged screen from the frame.

Window screens are attached to their frames using spline or molding. Professionals will use a chisel to remove the molding to remove a damaged screen, which loosens the screen from the frame.

They then cut the new screen and lay it on the frame. They fasten the mesh to the frame using staples, then place new molding to secure the screen. 

Get Window Screen Repair Help

While you may prefer to fix a damaged window screen yourself, some instances warrant professional assistance. Find professional window screen repair services when replacing your screen or fixing extensive damage.

A professional has the right tools and experience for the job, allowing them to restore your window screens to optimal conditions. Start your search for a reliable screen repair expert in your area today.

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