Where To Find Gpu In Dmz – Exploring DMZ In 2023

Imagine entering a forbidden zone with barbed wire and armed guards, stepping into a tech-dominated dimension known as the DMZ. This raises the question: Why are we here?

Randomly in the world, chemical storage warehouse (al Mazrah), tech-rich locations (gaming studio, police HQ), hafid port, crafting in ashika island, bartering at buy stations, and season 5 stage bags in vondel are the possible locations to find gpu in DMZ.

Stay vigilant, explore diverse locations, and leverage the power of the GPU to emerge victorious in the relentless battlegrounds of DMZ. Your journey to GPU mastery awaits!

Discovering The Special GPU: Your Simple Guide To Graphics Card Exploration:

 Special GPU
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In the vast battlefields of Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s DMZ, where chaos and firefights reign, there’s a coveted prize – the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).

Priced at a whopping $16,000, this valuable item is not just a money-maker for players; it’s also essential for completing faction missions. Come along as we uncover the secrets of the GPU, find where it hides, and plan how to use it wisely.

Section 1: Navigating The DMZ Map For Gpus:

1. Randomly In The World:

  • Visit Electronic Stores: Check local or online electronics stores that sell computer components.
  • Online Marketplaces: Explore online platforms like Amazon, Newegg, or other retailers that offer GPUs.
  • Second-hand Markets: Check for used GPUs on platforms like eBay or local classified ads.
  • Computer Hardware Shops: Specialty computer hardware stores may carry GPUs.
  • Tech Conventions/Trade Shows: Attend events where electronic components are showcased.

Remember that availability can vary; you must check with reputable sellers for the latest information.

2. The Guaranteed Spot: Chemical Storage Warehouse:

Discover the Chemical Storage Warehouse in quadrant D3 at the northwest corner of Al Mazrah for a surefire GPU. You’ll need the key to access this spot, known for its high-value loot. Alternatively, YouTuber LaserBolt has revealed a glitch that could let you in without a key, exposing a stash of GPUs on a metal shelf.

3. Random GPU Spawns Across Al Mazrah:

In addition to the confirmed location, GPUs are scattered randomly throughout Al Mazrah. Mainly, check out critical spots like the Gaming Studio, Police Headquarters, and different offices – these are hubs for technology. Ensure you investigate the computers in these areas to discover the coveted GPU better.

4. GPU Hotspots In Hafid Port And More:

In Call of Duty DMZ Season 4, GPUs become more crucial. Look for computer shacks in Hafid Port and the Chemical Storage Warehouse in Al-Safwa Quarry for dependable GPU finds. These locations are abundant in electronic spawns, making them excellent hunting grounds for players searching for this elusive component.

Section 2: Crafting and Bartering for GPUs:

Crafting and Bartering for GPUs
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1. Crafting Gpus In Ashika Island And Koschei Complex:

Crafty players can consider crafting a GPU as a viable option in Call of Duty DMZ. Ashika Island offers a Barter Recipe that requires two Gold Bars and five Thumb Drives.

While gathering these resources can be challenging, securing a Secured Backpack is advisable before starting the crafting process. Crafting a Skeleton Key opens up multiple possibilities, providing players with a strategic advantage.

2. Bartering At Buy Stations: The Gold Rush:

In Season 5, you can trade GPUs at Buy Stations, especially on Ashika Island. The barter recipe involves 2 Gold Bars and 5 Thumb Drives.

Since Gold Bars are rare and valuable, increase your chances of obtaining them by exploring Strongholds and locked POIs like Vondel’s Aquarium and City Hall. Regularly looting computers for Thumb Drives is also recommended to complete the barter recipe.

Section 3: Seasonal Changes and Guaranteed Locations in Season 5:

1. Stage Bags In Vondel: The Golden Guarantee:

Despite the changes in Season 5, the demand for GPUs remains high. Vondel presents a reliable solution with Two Stage Bags. Obtain the Stage Bag Key in the Mayor’s Briefcase to unlock these bags and secure guaranteed GPUs.

Watch for the Stage Bag near Vondel University in map grid E2 and the North Fire Department in map grid C5 – these locations are your golden ticket to GPU riches.

2. Other Potential Gpu Locations In Season 5:

While Stage Bags offer guaranteed GPUs, additional potential locations across DMZ exist. Keep an eye on the Chemical Storage Warehouse in Al Mazrah, Al-Safwa Quarry, Weapon Lockers in Ashika Island, Tsuki Castle, and Sawah Crypto Mining Farm in Al Mazrah, as they are known to drop GPUs sporadically. While not guaranteed, these areas are worth checking during your missions for a chance to find GPUs.

Challenges In Finding Gpus For DMZ:

Challenges In Finding Gpus For DMZ
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  • Critical Reliance: The search for guaranteed GPU locations, like the Chemical Storage Warehouse, is complicated by the need for specific keys.
  • Unpredictable Spawns: GPUs found in technologically advanced areas appear randomly, making consistent acquisition challenging.
  • Crafting Complexity: Crafting GPUs on Ashika Island requires rare resources (2 Gold Bars 5 Thumb Drives), demanding strategic planning.
  • Bartering Hurdles: Obtaining GPUs at Buy Stations through bartering involves high-value items (2 Gold Bars, 5 Thumb Drives), presenting additional challenges.
  • Seasonal Dynamics: Assured locations, such as Stage Bags in Vondel during Season 5, undergo seasonal changes, reshaping the landscape of GPU acquisition.

Effectively navigating these challenges is crucial for mastering the acquisition of GPUs in DMZ.


In conclusion, finding GPUs for DMZ can be challenging due to the limited availability and high demand in the market.

However, by exploring various options and utilizing the strategies discussed in this article, such as navigating the DMZ map for GPUs and crafting their own graphics card, enthusiasts can increase their chances of finding the particular GPU they desire.

It is essential to stay informed about new releases and consider alternative brands or models that may offer similar performance.

Remember, persistence is critical in this endeavour, so keep searching and don’t give up on your quest for the perfect GPU. Happy hunting!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Should I Look For A GPU in DMZ?

Finding a GPU in DMZ can be beneficial because it offers enhanced security measures and isolation from your primary network, protecting sensitive data and minimizing potential risks.

2. Are There Any Specific Features I Should Consider When Looking For A GPU in DMZ?

When searching for a GPU for your DMZ, ensure it has robust security features such as hardware-level encryption, secure memory management, and advanced firewall capabilities.

3. Can I Repurpose An Existing GPU For Use In DMZ?

While repurposing an existing GPU might seem like an option, using dedicated hardware specifically designed for use within a secured network zone like the DMZ is generally recommended.

4. Can I Barter For Gpus At Buy Stations?

Yes, in Season 5, GPUs can be bartered for at Buy Stations, demanding 2 Gold Bars and 5 Thumb Drives.

5. What’s The Seasonal Variation In Gpu Locations, Like Stage Bags In Vondel?

A5: Seasonal changes, especially in Season 5, impact GPU locations. Stage Bags in Vondel offer guaranteed GPUs but might be subject to seasonal alterations.