Understanding And Resolving Gpu Model Error 0x80070091

In computer technology, errors are common and often disrupt our daily tasks and workflow. One such error that GPU enthusiasts and professionals may encounter is Error 0x80070091. 

Error 0x80070091 is a Windows error that can impact GPU models. It’s often due to driver issues, file problems, or malware. To fix it, update drivers, run Windows File Checker, scan for malware, use Check Disk, or consider system restoration.

By the end of this article, you will better understand what causes this error and how to resolve it effectively.

What Is Error 0x80070091?

Error 0x80070091 typically presents itself when accessing or processing GPU resources is an issue. This error code is generally associated with file or directory corruption that prevents the proper functioning of the GPU drivers or software attempting to utilize the GPU.

Various factors can trigger it, including outdated drivers, system file corruption, or conflicts with other software.

The Detailed Causes Of Error 0x80070091 In GPU Models:

The Detailed Causes Of Error 0x80070091 In GPU Models:
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Outdated Or Corrupted GPU Drivers:

One of the most common causes of this error is outdated or corrupted drivers. Drivers are essential for your operating system to communicate effectively with your GPU. It may lead to incompatibilities if outdated, while corrupted drivers can prevent the GPU from functioning correctly.

System File Corruption:

System file corruption can also lead to error 0x80070091. This may occur due to improper shutdowns, virus or malware attacks, or failed updates. Corrupted system files can affect various system operations, including those related to the GPU, thereby triggering this error.

Software Conflicts:

Conflicts between the GPU drivers or settings and other installed software can result in error 0x80070091. This is especially true for software that utilizes high levels of GPU resources. Conflicting software may alter or interfere with the regular operation of the GPU, leading to errors.

Improper System Updates:

Sometimes, error 0x80070091 can arise after a system update. This may be due to incomplete or failed updates that lead to mismatches or incompatibilities between the operating system and the GPU drivers. Such mismatches can prevent the GPU from operating correctly, resulting in errors.

Hardware Issues:

Although less common, hardware issues with the GPU can also cause error 0x80070091. This could include physical damage to the GPU or problems with its connection to the motherboard. Hardware issues can prevent the GPU from being recognized by the system or functioning correctly.

Resolving Gpu Error 0x80070091:Follow The Steps:

Resolving Gpu Error 0x80070091:Follow The Steps:
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Update GPU Drivers:

Outdated or corrupted GPU drivers are a common cause of this error. Updating your drivers can resolve compatibility issues and repair corrupted driver files.

  • Manual Update: Go to the website of the GPU manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, etc.) and obtain the most recent drivers tailored to your particular GPU model. Adhere to the website’s installation instructions.
  • Automatic Update: Use the device manager in your operating system to automatically search for and install the latest drivers for your GPU. This can often be done through the system settings under “Device Manager” in Windows or “System Preferences”> “Software Update” in macOS.
  1. Run System File Checker (Windows Users)
  • System file corruption can lead to error 0x80070091. 
  • Windows users can scan for and repair corrupted system files using the System File Checker (SFC) tool.
  • As an administrator, launch Command Prompt.
  • After entering sfc /scannow, hit Enter.
  • When the scan is finished, wait and do as instructed to fix any corrupted files.
  1. Check For Software Conflicts

Software conflicts, especially from programs that heavily utilize the GPU, can cause this error. It might be beneficial to recognise and address these issues.

  • Safe Mode: Boot your computer in Safe Mode (with minimal drivers and programs running) to see if the error persists. If it doesn’t, a software conflict is likely the cause.
  • Clean Boot: Perform a clean boot by systematically disabling and re-enabling startup programs and services to identify the conflicting software. Once identified, update, reconfigure, or uninstall the problematic software.
  1. Ensure System Updates Are Complete

Incomplete or failed system updates can cause mismatched or corrupted files, leading to error 0x80070091.Make sure all updates are installed on your operating system.

  • Windows: Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and check for updates.
  • macOS: Open the Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update and install any available updates.

Repair Disk Permissions (Macos Users)

  • For macOS users, repairing disk permissions can resolve underlying issues causing error 0x80070091.
  • Restart your Mac and hold Command + R to enter Recovery Mode.
  • From the macOS Utilities window, select “Disk Utility.”
  • Select your startup disk and click “First Aid” to repair disk permissions.

Check For Hardware Issues

If you suspect hardware issues with your GPU (such as physical damage or connection problems), consider having it inspected or tested by a professional. Sometimes, reseating the GPU in its slot can resolve connection issues.

Restore Or Reinstall Your Operating System:

As a last resort, if none of the above solutions resolve error 0x80070091, consider restoring your operating system to a previous state or performing a clean installation. This can resolve underlying issues but should be done cautiously, as it may lead to data loss.


Error 0x80070091 can hinder the optimal functioning of your GPU, but with the right approach, it can be resolved. By systematically working through the potential causes and their solutions, from updating drivers to repairing system files, you can restore your system’s performance and enjoy the benefits of your GPU-intensive applications. Remember, regular system maintenance and updates are vital in preventing such errors from occurring in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Is The System File Checker (Sfc) Tool, And How Can It Help Fix The Error?

The SFC tool is a Windows utility that scans and repairs corrupted system files. Open Command Prompt as an administrator and type sfc /scannow to use it. When the scan is finished, wait and do as instructed to fix any corrupted files.

2. How Can I Identify And Resolve Software Conflicts Causing The Error?

Identify software conflicts by booting your computer in Safe Mode or performing a clean boot. Safe Mode runs with minimal drivers and programs, helping pinpoint potential disputes.

3. Is It Advisable To Repair Disk Permissions On Macos To Resolve The Error?

Yes, repairing disk permissions on macOS can help resolve underlying issues causing GPU Model Error 0x80070091. Restart your Mac, hold Command + R to enter Recovery Mode, and use Disk Utility to repair disk permissions.

4. Can Restore Or Reinstalling The Operating System Fix The Error?

As a last resort, restoring the operating system to a previous state or performing a clean installation may resolve the error. However, exercise caution, as this may result in data loss.

5. Should I Back Up Data Before Attempting Solutions To Prevent Data Loss?

It is advisable to back up important data before performing system-level operations, such as OS reinstalls or significant updates, to prevent potential data loss.

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