All About Ómmb | Complete Information About Ómmb In 2023

Imagine a place where caring hearts join hands to help babies grow strong. That’s what ÓMMB, the Oklahoma Mother’s Milk Bank.

ÓMMB, founded in 2013, is Oklahoma’s sole milk bank. It provides safe donor milk to over 40 hospitals and numerous families, supporting premature or ill infants with strict adherence to standards.

Join us as we unravel the miracles woven by ÓMMB, touching the lives of over 40 hospitals and hundreds of families across Oklahoma and neighboring states. 

Introduction To Ómmb:

ÓMMB, which stands for the Oklahoma Mothers’ Milk Bank, is a symbol of kindness and community support.

It is the first and only milk bank in Oklahoma, with a crucial mission to enhance the health of Oklahoma babies by collecting, screening, processing, and distributing safe, pasteurized donor human milk.

A group of moms, nurses, and doctors in Oklahoma noticed that many babies needed assistance, so they came together to create ÓMMB.

They aimed to ensure that even the smallest babies could benefit from this special Milk. After much hard work, ÓMMB officially started its important work in 2013.

Why Ómmb Is Super Important: Making Sure Babies Get The Best Food:

1. Nurturing Fragile Lives: 

ÓMMB is crucial in providing human Milk to premature infants facing tough circumstances. This Milk isn’t just food—it’s a rich source of immune-boosting elements and essential nutrients. When mothers can’t provide, ÓMMB ensures these delicate lives get nourishment.

2. Health Challenges Faced:

Premature and unwell infants often deal with serious health issues like infections and developmental complications. Human Milk acts as a defense. ÓMMB offers safe, pasteurized donor milk, which is vital in reducing risks and promoting better health outcomes.

3. Optimal Nutrition Beyond Formula:

While the formula is an option, it can’t match the intricacies of human Milk. Human Milk is a tailored solution for the unique needs of premature infants. ÓMMB becomes essential, providing an alternative source to ensure these infants get the optimal nutrition for their growth.

4. Beyond Survival:

ÓMMB doesn’t just reduce mortality rates. Studies show that human Milk significantly decreases risks like sepsis and long-term developmental impairments. By facilitating access to donor milk, ÓMMB becomes a key player in turning challenges into success stories for these infants.

5. Promoting Bonds And Well-Being:

It’s not just about physical benefits—human Milk fosters bonding between mothers and infants. ÓMMB’s mission goes beyond providing Milk; it contributes to the emotional and psychological well-being of mothers and infants, building a connection beyond the NICU.

6. Oklahoma’s Unique Needs:

Oklahoma faces challenges with high rates of preterm births and low breastfeeding initiation. ÓMMB was established strategically in response, showing the community’s commitment to reshaping the health narrative for Oklahoma’s babies.

7. Community-Driven Impact:

ÓMMB’s roots are in community-driven advocacy. Founded by mothers, nurses, and community leaders, it reflects a collective effort to bring positive change. Supporting ÓMMB isn’t just contributing to an organization; it’s actively participating in a community’s endeavor to ensure every baby gets a healthy start.

What Makes Mom’s Milk Special: A Magic Recipe For Babies

1. Superhero Shield Of Antibodies:

Mom’s Milk is a superhero shield with immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, and lysozyme antibodies. This powerhouse defends babies against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, giving them a head start in building their immune defenses.

2. Gut-Friendly Magic:

The magic of Mom’s Milk extends to the baby’s belly – the gut microbiome. With oligosaccharides, prebiotics, and probiotics, it supports a healthy gut, aiding digestion and playing a crucial role in overall immunity, metabolism, and brain development.

3. Brain-Boosting Elixir:

Mom’s Milk is a concoction of fatty acids, cholesterol, taurine, and choline – essential for nurturing the growing brain. It’s not just about feeding; it’s about providing the building blocks for a flourishing mind in the magical realm of the brain.

4. Guardian Against Nec:

Facing the menacing dragon of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC), Mom’s Milk acts as a guardian. Its protective elements shield delicate intestines, preventing NEC from casting its dark shadow on preterm infants.

5. Cognitive Magic:

Mom’s Milk brings cognitive benefits, enhancing preterm infants’ language, motor, and behavioral outcomes. It’s not just about physical health; it’s about nurturing cognitive abilities that will shape a baby’s future.

6. Bonding Spells:

Beyond the physical, Mom’s Milk weaves spells of bonding. Magical hormones like oxytocin and prolactin promote lactation, strengthening the emotional connection between mother and baby—a dance of love and nourishment beyond nutrition.

7. Recipe For Success:

Mom’s Milk is more than a meal; it’s a recipe for success. The secret sauce reduces the risk of mortality, sepsis, retinopathy of prematurity, and various complications in preterm infants. It’s nature’s brilliance, providing a tailored solution for each baby’s unique needs, a testament to the magic inherent in the Milk.

ÓMMB’s Big Dream: All Babies Deserve a Great Start:

1. Mission With A Heart:

ÓMMB’s mission beats with a heart devoted to improving the health of Oklahoma babies. Through the safe collection, screening, processing, and distribution of donor human milk, it becomes a lifeline for infants, especially those born prematurely, facing medical challenges.

2. A Member Of A Noble Network:

ÓMMB takes pride in being a distinguished member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA).Upholding stringent standards, this network ensures that every drop of donated human Milk meets the highest quality and safety benchmarks.

3. A Beacon In Oklahoma’s Landscape:

Founded in 2013, ÓMMB emerged as Oklahoma’s first and only milk bank. Driven by passionate mothers, nurses, lactation consultants, physicians, and community leaders, it addresses the critical need in a state with high rates of preterm births.

4. Tackling Challenges Head-On:

Facing the challenge of one in seven babies born prematurely in Oklahoma, compounded by low breastfeeding rates, ÓMMB took determined steps to change the narrative. It aims to provide a reliable source of donor human milk, contributing to better infant health outcomes.

5. Growth Amidst Compassion:

Starting humbly, ÓMMB raised funds, awareness, and support for its cause. It established operations with the Mothers’ Milk Bank of North Texas as a partner. In 2015, it opened its processing facility in Oklahoma City, earning accreditation as the 18th HMBANA-accredited milk bank in North America.

6. Benefits Beyond Nutrition:

ÓMMB’s impact extends beyond nutritional support. Donated human Milk becomes a lifeline, offering immunological protection, gastrointestinal health, positive neurodevelopmental outcomes, and fostering breastfeeding success. It showcases the profound ripple effect of a simple yet powerful act of donation.

7. Values That Steer The Ship:

Embedded in ÓMMB’s vision are core values – clinical excellence, ethical practice, community education, and research. These values ensure that the highest standards in care are maintained, and education becomes a cornerstone for empowering donors and recipients.

8. The Vision: Every Baby With A Healthy Start:

ÓMMB dreams big with a straightforward yet profound vision – every baby deserves a healthy start. Breaking down barriers, it believes that circumstances should not dictate the health outcomes of infants. Through ÓMMB’s lens, every infant deserves the best possible start in life regardless of their journey’s beginning.

Why Babies Love Mom’s Milk: The Awesome Benefits:

Mom’s Milk is like a superhero because it helps babies in many cool ways:

  • Keeps Bad Germs Away: It has things that fight off sickness.
  • Makes Tummies Happy: Good for tummies, making sure everything works right.
  • Helps Brains Grow: Makes brains super smart and strong.
  • Brings Moms and Babies Closer: Helps moms and babies share lots of love.

How ÓMMB Collects Magic Milk: Moms Being Heroes

1. Generosity Unleashed:

At the heart of ÓMMB’s magic lies the generosity of lactating women. Driven by compassion, these unsung heroes share their excess Milk with infants facing health challenges, becoming the magical force behind countless journeys.

2. Stringent Screening, A Guardian’s Shield:

The journey starts with a rigorous screening, welcoming healthy lactating women who meet specific criteria. From blood tests to lifestyle commitments, potential donors act as guardians, ensuring the purity of the magic Milk.

3. Guided By Goodness:

Donors join ÓMMB’s ranks by filling out an online application, followed by a phone interview and health history questionnaire. Trust is built through permissions from healthcare providers, creating a circle that safeguards the goodness of every drop.

4. A Dash Of Frozen Love:

Donors are equipped with a hospital-grade electric breast pump and engage in the magical act of pumping. Every labeled bottle or bag, filled with care, becomes a vessel holding the promise of a healthier tomorrow. The frozen Milk, stored meticulously, reflects the commitment of these milk sorcerers.

5. The Alchemy Of Pasteurization:

In ÓMMB’s hands, the collected Milk undergoes a spellbinding transformation. Thawed, pooled, and homogenized, the Milk experiences the gentle alchemy of pasteurization. The Holder method acts as a magic wand, eliminating harmful elements while preserving inherent goodness.

6. A Guardian’s Review:

Before the magic is set free, ÓMMB’s medical director reviews microbiological test results. This guardian ensures that every batch meets the highest safety and quality standards. Caloric content, protein levels, and osmolality – every aspect undergoes scrutiny.

7. Frozen In Time:

The final act sees the magic bottled in sterile containers, frozen at temperatures colder than a winter’s night. Each bottle, adorned with a batch number and expiration date, becomes a vessel of hope waiting to be dispensed.

8. A Journey To The Waiting Arms:

From ÓMMB’s enchanting realm, the magic Milk embarks on its journey to hospitals. A courier service, ensuring the Milk’s icy embrace, delivers it to recipient hospitals. Whether through courier, self-pickup, or shipping, the magic Milk reaches the tiny hands awaiting its transformative touch.

9. The Final Spell: Dispensing And Nurturing:

In the recipient hospital, the final spell is cast. The Milk is thawed, warmed, and fed to infants in need. It becomes a source of strength, immunity, and nourishment – a magical elixir ensuring that every baby, regardless of their journey’s beginning, gets a fair chance at a healthy start.

You Can Be A Part Of It, Too: Join The Milk Team!

1. Share Your Extra Milk:

If you’re a mom with extra Milk, you can be a superhero too! Your generosity can make a significant difference in the lives of babies facing health challenges.

2. Help With Money Or Time:

You can still contribute if you want to help but don’t have extra Milk! Whether through monetary donations or dedicating your time, ÓMMB welcomes friends who support you in many ways.

3. Tell Your Friends:

Spread the news! Tell your friends and family about ÓMMB and the incredible work they do to help babies. Sharing the mission and raising awareness can make a collective impact.

So, that’s the story of ÓMMB, where caring people and superhero moms join forces to help babies grow big and strong. If you want to know more or participate in this special mission, visit  or call us 405-297-LOVE (5683). Let’s be superheroes for tiny babies together!


In conclusion, ÓMMB is more than a milk bank; it’s a source of life-changing magic, symbolizing compassion and commitment to infant health.

From historical roots to modern marvels, ÓMMB ensures the benefits of breastfeeding reach the most vulnerable.

Through donor generosity, meticulous processes, and healthcare efforts, ÓMMB weaves a story of hope and healthier beginnings.

Every contribution, whether as a donor, recipient, or supporter, adds to the magic that ensures every baby gets the healthy start they deserve.

Let’s carry ÓMMB’s spirit forward, spreading awareness and support for a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who Can Donate To Ómmb?

ÓMMB welcomes healthy lactating mothers with excess Milk, meeting specific criteria outlined on their website, to join the cause of providing life-changing donor milk.

2. How Does Ómmb Support Preterm Infants?

ÓMMB plays a crucial role in improving health outcomes for preterm infants by providing safe, pasteurized donor milk rich in antibodies, growth factors, and essential nutrients.

3. Is There A Cost Associated With Receiving Donor Milk?

While there is a processing fee of $4.50 per ounce to cover operational costs, ÓMMB’s priority is to make donor milk accessible. Insurance, Medicaid, or charitable funds may cover the processing fee.

4. Can I Donate If I Am Currently Breastfeeding My Baby?

Yes, mothers with infants under one-year-old who meet the eligibility criteria can become donors, contributing to the health and well-being of their child and others in need.